Cantharellus cinnabarinus Chantarellus cibarius


        Chanterelles are funnel–or trumpet–shaped fungi with caps that are slightly to deeply depressed in the center. Chanterelles resemble agarics, but the cap is not clearly distinct from the stalk and the spore-bearing surface is quite different. Some chanterelles have a cap that is nearly smooth underneath, while in others the lower surface has a network of wrinkles or ridges that also extend for some distance down the stalk. The ridges have many forks and cross veins and are always blunt-edged in contrast to the sharp-edged, blade-like "true" gills of an agaric. As a group, the true chanterelles (some forms traditionally considered as chanterelles are now known to belong to other groups of fungi) form mycorrhizal associations with forest trees.

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