Key to Common Fungi of National Capital Region Parks

The key that begins below represents a method for identifying many of the more common fungi likely to be encountered in parks of the National Capital Region. The key consists of a series of choices based upon one or more contrasting features such as size, shape or color. To identify a particular specimen, one should begin with the first two choices, select the one that seems more appropriate, and follow that link to the next series of choices. In just a few steps, you will reach a page of images with which to compare your specimen. Although it should be possible to identify many of the more common fungi, the key is not comphrehensive and will not include all of the species found in the parks.

Individual fruiting bodies less than 1/4 in (0.2 cm) tall, usually occurring in large groups

Fruiting bodies larger, usually more than 1/2 in (0.4 cm) tall; solitary, scattered or occurring in small groups