Bisporella citrina

Bisporella citrina
Image Courtesy of Henry H. Mashburn
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Group of Fungi: Jelly Fungi

Family: Helotiaceae

Latin Name: Bisporella citrina (Batsch) Korf & S. E. Carp.

Common Name: Yellow Fairy Cup

Description: Cup-shaped structure, 1/16–1/8 in (0.15–0.3 cm) across, lower portion narrowing to a small base, surface smooth, bright lemon-yellow; spores white, cream or pale yellow in mass.

Biological Role: Decomposer of wood.

Habitat: Commonly occurring in dense clusters on decorticated (without bark) logs or stumps.

Geographical Distribution: Found throughout North America.

Comments: This fungus is often exceedingly common. Although small, the bright yellow color of the fruiting bodies causes them to stand out against the darker substrates upon which they occur.

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