Hydnum repandum

Hydnum repandum
Image Courtesy of Dan Guravich
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Group of Fungi: Tooth Fungi

Family: Hydnaceae

Latin Name: Hydnum repandum L.

Synonym(s): Dentinum repandum (L.) Gray

Common Name: Hedgehog Mushroom

Description: Total height 1–3 in (2.5–7.5 cm); cap 1 1/4–4 in (3–10 cm) wide, usually somewhat irregular in shape, buff to orange, bruising to dark orange, surface smooth to slightly scruffy, margin enrolled and often becoming wavy in page; spore-bearing surface consisting of numerous downward projecting spines, these 1/8–3/8 in (0.3–1 cm) long, cream colored; stalk 3/4–2 1/2 in (2–6.5 cm) long, 3/8–3/4 in (1-2 cm) in diameter, often slightly off center, white to pale yellow; spores white in mass.

Biological Role: Forms mycorrhizal associations with forest trees.

Habitat: On the ground in broadleaf or conifer forests; solitary or occurring in small groups.

Geographical Distribution: Widely distributed throughout North America.

Comments: As viewed from above, the fruiting body of Hydnum repandum has the general appearance of a fairly typical agaric or bolete. However, the spore-bearing surface is very different, consisting of spines instead of gills or pores. There are few other fungi that have this combination of features, so Hydnum repandum is relatively easy to identify. This species is considered to be edible.

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